Content and organisation of training courses
Details of the DNMADE Graphic Design - Visual Languages course:
The aim of this course is to train multi-skilled graphic designers, who will design digital and printed communication media.
The course covers various disciplinary fields relating to editorial design and identity design in a variety of areas (cultural, public policy, associative, social, medical, etc.).
As a specialist in visual signs (image, letter), the graphic designer will be required to design printed editorial objects (poster, book, magazine, leaflet, etc.) and digital objects (website, digital media, etc.); fixed visual identity systems (logotype, pictogram, signage, packaging, etc.) and moving visual identity systems (motion design: credits, packaging, etc.).





National expectations

To be interested in the fields of past and contemporary creation in their diversity and complementarity in order to develop one’s curiosity about the world and social phenomena, but also one’s sense of imagination and initiative.
To be able to summarize and anticipate for the project approach, through the complementarity of the fields of humanities, science, technology and the arts.
To have writing and speaking skills in French and in a foreign language.
To demonstrate an interest in traditional and digital creative techniques, as well as know-how and manufacturing methods.
To have organizational skills and autonomy, but also a willingness to work in a team.

Local expectations

The Graphic Design DNMADe prepares students for careers as graphic designers and art directors. It aims to train specialists who are curious and capable of shaping visual signs (fixed and moving), on printed and digital media in various formats (2D, 3D, on the scale of
the object and/or space).
At the end of the course, students will be able to :
                 - Manipulate a variety of signs (letters, images, colours, etc.) on different media;
                 - Act in different fields of creation and expression;

The student applying for the course is expected to have :
                  - A technical aptitude (manual and digital) and the desire to use it in the service of creation;
                  - An interest in the fields of creation (art, design, video, digital media, etc.) and more specifically in graphic design;
                  - A curiosity and a critical mind for his/her environment;
                  - A taste for exploration and experimentation;
                  - A personal commitment to the student's career (autonomy, attendance, work capacity).
                    The Graphic Design course does not prepare students for the design of video games or animated films.
                    The course is open to all profiles, with or without an artistic background.
                    To be fully successful in the training, it is nevertheless recommended that high school students prepare a 

                     technological baccalaureate in the STD2A series, a professional baccalaureate in crafts and trades, or a BMA
                     (brevet des métiers d'art). The course is
also open to all high school students who have taken a creative course during
general, technological or professional high school education. In addition, any high school student who has developed
                     skills or knowledge in the fields of creation and
design or who is sensitive to technological issues, arts and crafts or
                     culture, can also
be fully suc cessful.

NB: Access to the DNMADE can be done directly after the baccalaureate and is not conditioned by a preliminary admission in preparatory class.